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Galerie Lakaye - Los Angeles Showcase for Functional Art Snake Painting - Sculpture - Furniture
Gallery of Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Furniture in West Hollywood, CA

Art Without Borders

Galerie Lakaye has participated in numerous prestigious art fairs around the country, including Art L.A., Chicago International Art Exposition, ArtExpo-Los Angeles, ArtExpo-New York, and a host of smaller but important local art venues. Although a modest art space, Galerie Lakaye is a high-profile enterprise that continues to attract museum-stature artists from the Haitian art world and other art markets as well.

In 1993, the owners of Galerie Lakaye decided to expand their horizons by reaching out to other islands in the Caribbean and to the Latin American art world as well. As a first step in that direction, they attended Arte Mexico in Guadalajara to seek out Mexican artists. From this effort, they have attracted a host of new and influential talents, many of whom still exhibit their works at the gallery.

ArtVision — Past, Present, and Future

With the reputation of Galerie Lakaye growing at full tilt in Los Angeles and beyond, in November 1995 Carine and Pascal hosted an exhibit entitled "Vodou Reflections," which was held in conjunction with the major traveling exhibition hosted by the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou.

Since then, the gallery has continually looked toward other countries throughout the world in search of new artists inspired by the Black and multi-ethnic experience.

In the recent past, Galerie Lakaye has hosted exhibits featuring contemporary works in various mediums by artists from the U.S., Brazil, Senegal, Cuba, Switzerland, Panama, Peru and, as always, Haiti.

As of early 2005, the gallery has also become the official Los Angeles showroom for New York-based furniture designer Tucker Robbins.

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Functional Art
Haitian Art

The gallery continually looks toward other countries in search of new artists inspired by the Black and multi-ethnic experience.

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