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Unsigned Vodou Flags
by a Haitian Artist

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Thumbnail of unsigned Vodou flag by a Haitian artist Thumbnail of unsigned Vodou flag by a Haitian artist
Thumbnail of unsigned Vodou flag by a Haitian artist Thumbnail of unsigned Vodou flag by a Haitian artist

About Vodou Flags
Vodou flags (also called drapos or banners) are traditionally used to decorate the site where a ceremony is held. They are also draped across the backs of ceremony participants so that, as they dance, the shimmer produced by the glittering beads, sequins, and seed pearls will attract a particular lwa or spirit (also spelled loa). Traditionally, the elaborate embroidery of Vodou flags is done by Vodou priests (ougans) or priestesses (mambos). However, as these dazzling wall-hangings made the transition from religious ritual works to a highly prized and collectible artform, many artists — both practicing and non-practicing — have come to create flags for the art market. Flags typically feature the physical representation or vévé (symbol) that represents an individual lwa.

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About the Artist

The internationally acclaimed artist known only as "Anonymous" has enjoyed unequaled renown throughout a long and productive lifetime — yet little is known about him (or her)! Uncertain about the exact year of his (or her) birth, most biographers play it safe and say only that he (or she) was born "many years ago."

Perhaps recognizing both the ultimate futility of nationalism and the near universal popularity that this artist has long enjoyed amongst most peoples of the world, Anonymous long ago renounced all patriotic affiliation with any particular country, and has truly become a citizen of the world. Nevertheless, based on a close study of the etymology of the name (Ανώνυμος), some researchers theorize that Anonymous may be of Greek or Coptic extraction.

Arguably the single most prolific artist in history, Anonymous travels extensively and has dabbled — and often excelled — in virtually every conceivable medium and artform, from Cycladic sculpture to YouTube video, and everything in between. This unquestionable creative genius for the ages is also an accomplished musician, poet, and prose stylist.

Ironically, there are literally millions of photographs of this reclusive celebrity. All of them, unfortunately, are quite grainy and poorly lit (since they were taken by ATM security cameras in numerous locales around the world). Exceedingly protective of the privacy that has been accorded to this artist, Anonymous resides in parts unknown but continues to work, write, and compose at a staggering rate of output, with no sign of letting up — all the more amazing, given the advanced years of this beloved artist.

galerie lakaye :: west hollywood, ca
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