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"Art of New Guinea "

Exhibition/Art Sale at Galerie Lakaye

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Miao Headdress

Mixed silver and cloth

~ SOLD ~

Photograph by Pascal Giacomini

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Miao Headdress: New Guinea Art Exhibit Photo

Miao Minority Tribe, Guizhou, China. The Miao minority "Sisters' Rice Festival" is a celebration of spring and of love. Dressed in finest embroidered and appliqued clothing, adorned in all their freshly shined silver jewelry, young women set out to attract a suitable mate. Two, sometimes three festival days are filled with dancing, singing, eating, drinking lots of rice wine, watching bullfights and cockfights, and horseracing. As they walk and dance, the lovely Miao girls jingle and shimmer in the sun. Their cheeks burn with excitement while they flirt with handsome young men, each of whom is searching for a beauty to match his strength and handsomeness. This headdress is typical of a young Miao girl's adornment.




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